Monday, June 19, 2006


thanks for posing. and for helping to take the pic for me.

my hand has been soo itchy. been dying to upload this.. but since u got it in the mail ...hahaha i am on a posting spree..

Hearts Crossed Fingers Crossed.
She's Falling again. =)
This is a story about a girl and a bowerbird. Its quite odd. Bowerbirds collect only blue things for its bower. He wanted to Steal the Sky. Instead he Caught this girl, honest mistake..

Shes blue too.

all old stuff.. if my house burns down *touch wood*
.. at least theres something here..and i can come back to it maybe.


Anonymous said...

O babay bay! i lurve the heart on the chest!
that's so pretty!

annax said...


Rrramone said...

Very nice work, esp like the bird going through the girl. Eerie. :-)

krissie said...


Monkey Freak said...

That is really good.
You really are talented.

Very good job!


Lydia said...

I love your style! It's beautiful!