Friday, July 21, 2006




he is a ghost and he is hungry. sssstarving.

better pictures soon..


XQ said...

so this is a painting of?
it's nice~!
i think u should explain a bit, so that everyone knows what ur nice drawings are bout~ :>

krissie said...

um i actually kinda like that i dont explain so if u 'get it' u get it.. kinda thing. but ok i guess im too vague...

lets see if this helps

whales keeping their voices down..

ghost .. um its a ghost.. ghosts are pretty much just memories arent they?..

shes a knife bearing diamond theif. that strikes when stars are out.

i guess all are lil secret stories i keep in my head.

annax said...

They are fabulous!! Great work as always!

blot of sunshine said...

i see your face!!
can i buy your ghost painting?
i likes it alot

krissie said...

i will paint u another BOS!
someone chope already!!