Friday, September 28, 2007

Nyum Nyum Nyum

nyummiez macaron fairiessssss at canele!
did this with Manic Design
ill post better pics soon.
halpsss it makezz mez hungriez..
anyone wanna have a macaron partaay? heeeheeehee
theres a recipe here btw!


red-handed said...

Ga-ak! I want those wings!

anning said...

bravo bravooooo!
clap clap clap clap claappppp!

adeline said...

i liek those macarons :D

Ben said...

always something amazing when I come to your site darling... *smile*

still my fave singaporean illustratorrrrrr..........

Anonymous said...

Love the girls.

shou' said...

Cute designs :)

red-handed said...

Awe-scone. But why no macaron hats? They'd be like extra-thick sombreros.

Also: I need pics of new haircuts, and other smiling faces.


Medina said...

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