Saturday, November 06, 2010


i have not updated in yonks, so now i actually have thingz to blog about. hurhur
Some time back i got an email from Golriz Lucina, asking permission to use one of my drawings for a book he was putting together w Rainn Wilson for their site,
i got it in the mail last week!

btw, u can get the print here in my Society6 store.

and this was a nice suprise!check out the vid, its pretty awesome and the track they used rocks.

ellen page seems to like it too.

and also a while back, i did some work for ELLE, and they ran it again in HK.

I AM GLAM AND CHIC wor wor wor.
(thats the only thing i understand in the mag actually, they could be calling me a royal goondu and i wouldnt know the diff.)
if u dont believe me, hahaha here is more proof. ahahahaha

ELLE oct 2010. "its so weird, you look like you posing like that for a joke- ami"


adeline said...

yell0w /throws c0nfetti

Zid said...

Kristal so awesome I am proud knowing u! (and a bit confetti envy)

red-handed said...