Saturday, November 13, 2010

feeling yourself disintergrate into skyfulls of confetti

(stolen from Perry's blog)

too much awesome these few days,
ive been having tons of weird ass dreams while my brain digests everything its seen.
Errol and i made this poster for the Flaming Lips show.

(We still have a few left, if anyone wants, just let me know!)


the day before the show, Shaun was calling me to go for dinner,
and i was like "i got no time, im rushing work"
"nonono dinner with the flaming lips" HAR WTF WTF


im was fkking shy, ESP he asked me to explain the poster.... urrrrr blebleble mouth cannot talk properly. I am oversmiling like a retard. gagagagag


the show was damn awesome,
dju took some marvelous peektures,

u can find it on his brog :

was good tiems selling merch w Errol, Les, Ray, Dju, Dewi.
I think i would have made a good dancer on stage.

Saturday, November 06, 2010


i have not updated in yonks, so now i actually have thingz to blog about. hurhur
Some time back i got an email from Golriz Lucina, asking permission to use one of my drawings for a book he was putting together w Rainn Wilson for their site,
i got it in the mail last week!

btw, u can get the print here in my Society6 store.

and this was a nice suprise!check out the vid, its pretty awesome and the track they used rocks.

ellen page seems to like it too.

and also a while back, i did some work for ELLE, and they ran it again in HK.

I AM GLAM AND CHIC wor wor wor.
(thats the only thing i understand in the mag actually, they could be calling me a royal goondu and i wouldnt know the diff.)
if u dont believe me, hahaha here is more proof. ahahahaha

ELLE oct 2010. "its so weird, you look like you posing like that for a joke- ami"