Monday, October 31, 2011

Suck it~

Chupa Chups present Scream Stoppers!

Thankz Awesome Adrian Chan and BBH.
(also i stole that pic from you blog.)

Happy Halloween. 

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Nicholas Chim - Forgiefan

here is the special part!
the inlay unfolds to this.


its printed on thin paper so you can see every little thing.

Forgiefan can be purchased as a digital download, or a physical CD.
Head on down to the Bandcamp.

Also! You should check out Nick's Video for I Want You Again,
featuring my lovely friend Aarika lee of Sixx<3

Kate of Kale - SLut Avenue

Kate of Kale released all 5 tracks of their digital EP for free download.
Limited free downloads every month. I hope you find humor in their "not so safe for work" bandcamp site.


If you cant get enough of it,

My faV versions of KOK by Liquan Liew Photobucket

HyperColouR 2 x KriStaL

illustration for the new bar on 83 Club St.
Limited Edition Prints are also available, each $83.


KRistaL x kult x 9fountain x sifr x Blackmarket

my tee from The K/9/S Collection
get a tee here at 9 fountains online store.

In a massive show of Singaporean creativity, 9 Fountains has collaborated with Kult, Sifr and Blackmarket 2 to create a line of limited edition, super-premium graphic t-shirts. The K/9/S collection consists of fifteen Singapore-based designs handpicked from the range of international artwork in Kult Magazine’s “Animals” issue. The issue--and resulting t-shirt collection--is full of facts about animals, visualized by some of the most exciting artists working in the world today.

The Kult artwork is intended to "create a stronger bond between man and animal by increasing understanding" while the selections shine a spotlight on the thriving but oftentimes subterranean local art community in Singapore.

The garments themselves come from Sifr’s exquisite Essentials line which combines premium pima cotton, superior hand feel and sturdy construction in a contemporary fit. 9 Fountains, the event organiser, printed the t-shirts using its revolutionary direct-to-garment printing technology, which produces highly-detailed and vivid prints.

With a limited run of only 40 per design, every t-shirt is a true collector’s item and features hand-written edition numbers and packaging conveying information about the particular artwork and artist.

This collaborative effort will launch at Blackmarket 2 on October 6th with an exclusive meet-the-artists event where a K/9/S t-shirt installation will take centre-stage. A special pre-order sale will take place on-line at from September 15th-30th where consumers can reserve the t-shirt of their choosing at a discounted price, with the first 50 customers receiving a special invitation to the launch event.

The t-shirts will retail exclusively at Blackmarket 2 on the 2nd floor of Orchard Central from October 1st-31st for $79 each.

How You Doin?

Some of the elle horoscope stuff i work on every month,
sometimes wish i could make them skankier and show some boobs or somhting but hey! keeping it classy. I dont think i can ever get sick of drawing girls( as long as theyre hot) hahaha

also, its been a while since ive drawn in ink, so ive decided to practise.