Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pink Elephants on Parade!

hey EverYone, Have u met HENRY?


He is my beloved contribution to Elephant Parade Singapore.. I brought back a fav reoccurring theme from my old drawings, Elephants Never Forget. So i was really stoked to work on an ellie. =)

Enving the memory of elephants as compared to my own, I imagine the animal's mindfulness to be made up of volumes of colors, applied layer upon layer.

Henry was chilling at Kids world at the Singapore Zoo with some real ellies, Lions, Tigers & Bears oh MY! - before meeting up with the rest of his elephant parade homies at the Botanical Gardens, Eco Lake.

The auction is happening here:

Henry will be in
Session 3, Saturday, 14 January 2012 4.30 PM – 7.30 PM ,The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore

Slipping Away
Melting Memory